Slowly poking my head out from underneath the covers…

I suppose this marks the beginning of my journey, like any classic protagonist setting off.

My About page summarizes the point to why I stayed up all night trying to make a blog.  But the hope is to read more thoughtfully, deeply, and analytically.  Though, I’m pretty certain those three words put across the same message.

Remember the days of lore where teachers believed the best thing you can do was to annotate a novel*?  Which I remember was proceeded by my sophomore English teacher giving us extremely detailed tests, usually 150 questions or more, to see if you remembered what exact tests that the woman gave Huck Finn that proved he was actually male.

That’s certainly not what I want to do here.  But memorable quotes, my emotions, my frustrations with the novels… I will share those.  And I hope you all will do the same in the comments.  If you haven’t read the novel, you can read with me even!  It’s always fun to have someone to complain with about the main character making an absolute fool of themselves.

I just finished China Miéville’s novel Embassytown a few days ago.  I’m not sure I can go quite into as much depth as someone who’s taken linguistics classes on certain portions of it, but that will be my first true “review” once I can get some sleep.

I am also currently beginning Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, as well as experimenting with listening to the audiobook for Lolita.  Not only because the novel is an important piece of literature — if that were the case I would just read the text — but Jeremy Irons’ voice makes everything better.  I haven’t listened to an audiobook since elementary school, so I shall see how this pans out.

I think that about covers everything I can remember to say at six in the morning.  If anyone is actually reading this — and it’s fresh out of the womb new so I have no clue if that will actually happen anytime soon — feel free to drop a comment or suggestion.  Hearing from others is always nice. ❤

*Note: Annotation is not necessarily a bad thing.  Annotation on the level in which my teacher thought it was appropriate to have something written and highlighted on every goddamn page takes away from the enjoyment of the novel.  And made some students hate reading sadly. :<

**Second Note: The GoodReads on the sidebar is a new one separate from my personal one.  It will only reflect novels read and have plans to be written about on this blog.


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