A Quick Opinion on Audiobooks

So I’m getting through Lolita, albeit rather slowly as I prepare to move back to my university town in two weeks.  And I think I’ve gotten my opinion on what to do with audiobooks.

I’ll only use them if the author’s voice is pleasant, sexy, and fitting for the story.  People like the current narrator of my story, Jeremy Irons, as well as the wonderful Morgan Freeman… Hell, I need more Samuel L. Jackson reading books.  (Go The FUCK To Sleep, anyone?)  And if I’m following along with the actual text, it’s much easier for me to pay attention.  I get distracted way too easily.

At least Jeremy Irons fits the bill?  I would be hard pressed to find a person who does not love his voice.  It’s still incredibly creepy listening to him read the novel though, ESPECIALLY when he played Humbert Humbert in the most recent of the film versions.

What are your feelings on this type of medium?  Who is your favorite audiobook narrator?


2 thoughts on “A Quick Opinion on Audiobooks

  1. I’ve recently started listening to audiobooks and have been thinking about them a lot lately. I actually haven’t had any bad experiences with narrators yet, but have found the exceptionally awesome Simon Vance and would recommend anything he reads. Personally what worries me about audiobooks is whether I can give good writing the attention it deserves in that format and I haven’t quite worked that out yet 🙂

    • I’ll definitely look into him if I continue to listen to more audiobooks in the future.

      I think it all depends on how easily one can pay attention to visual versus aural stimuli. For me, I’m just easily distracted even when I’m not listening to an audiobook and I have to keep all distractions to a minimum. I’ve found the combination of the text and audio to be pretty effective though, since I’m getting the same story across in two different ways and I think it’s sinking in better.

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