My Findings of the Day (Part 1?)

So my mother is amazing, guys.

I’m moving in exactly a week into my first apartment, where there is unfortunately no Half Price Books in the vicinity or surrounding states.  If you aren’t familiar with the store, it’s a mainly Texas-based used bookstore chain that also carries CDs, DVDs, VHS… All sorts of things.  (And if you like Doctor Who, you’ll find a lot of fun things… at least at the locations near me!)  Because of the lack of any location near my university, I wanted to grab some books before I left.  Because, you know, stocking up.  Even though I have plenty. (I have a problem, okay?  Please don’t put me into a 12 step program.)

Shameless link even though I promise I am not affiliated:

Anyway, I was expecting my summer job boss to pay me today, which did not happen.  Sad days, indeed.  But my mom gave me $25 to go in the store while she got her hair done.  Which made me an incredibly happy person.  Browsing bookstores is like something out… *goes through list of drugged up author’s novels* …that list is too long.  I’m sure you can relate though?

$25 is a lot in a used bookstore, guys.  So I went off and used my list as a guide, and this is my haul!


Blogger’s Note: Ignore background.  Unless you want to pick out the various novels IN the background.  I can’t stop you there.

The sad thing is, I will likely be guilty of grabbing a few more once I do get paid by my boss.  Sometimes I wonder if I’ll read all the books I currently own in my lifetime… That’s a deep question. @___@;;

Okay, delving more into Lolita now.  I’m not lying to you about reading it.  Really.


2 thoughts on “My Findings of the Day (Part 1?)

    • I was surprised by its size too!!

      This is actually my brother’s desk, which is holding some of my books that aren’t in boxes or in storage near my university until I move into my apartment. I can’t wait to get them all organized on a bookshelf >___<;;

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