My Findings of the Day (Part 2!)

I did a bad thing.

Kind of.  Depends on who you talk to, really.  (Maybe you all will be sympathetic?)

I got my check from my boss, and got more money than expected.  Hooray!  So what did I do after buying my duvet cover and cherry blossom lamp for my apartment?

You guessed it correctly.  (Probably.)  I bought more books.  Half Price Books is simultaneously an evil and wonderful place.  My haul is more science fiction/fantasy than anything else, but it was more difficult finding copies in decent condition for the Time Top 100 books.  Which made me incredibly sad… Though I found some fun and older gems.  Books twice as old as me and old school science fiction covers.  All in all, a good day, I would say.

photo (2)

Note: 10 books in total, apologies if the titles are a bit hard to read.

Because of the glare and size of the photo (my camera is my cell phone, like the majority of people nowadays), I will list what I got here for easy viewing.

  • Falconer — John Cheever
  • Starship Troopers — Robert A. Heinlein
  • Assassin’s Apprentice — Robin Hobb
  • Contact — Carl Sagan
  • Elantris — Brandon Sanderson
  • Hyperion — Dan Simmons
  • Cryptonomicon — Neal Stephenson
  • Quicksilver — Neal Stephenson
  • All the King’s Men — Robert Penn Warren
  • Revolutionary Road — Richard Yates

I am sad.  A couple of the Time Top 100 novels have movie covers.  I could not help this though… But, Starship Troopers was worth the measly $2.00 it cost, even if I’m going to have to be incredibly careful with it.  I mean, look.  This cover is beautifully old school.  Minus the goddamn glare.

photo (1)

The final total, according to my receipt, was $37.95.  Not terrible at all.  The novels aren’t listed by name on said receipt, but two of them are classified under “nostalgia”, which I found highly amusing.  Now, the thing is ACTUALLY READING MY OWN BOOKS.  I’m just compounding the problem upon myself.  But they’ll look so nice on my bookshelf…

Blogger’s Log:  I am well into Part 2 of Lolita.  One of the main reasons it is incredibly slow going is due to a lack of headphones that fit in my ears and the fact I have siblings Lolita’s age crawling around the house.  So, I have to become a hermit to even listen to Jeremy Irons be a creepy pedophile.  Not good around the family… I will get new headphones this coming week though.  And HOPEFULLY have a finished review for you rather soon.  I apologize that this is taking a while.

To humor you, however, I apparently was somewhat witty in explaining the problem/my reasoning for reading this novel to a friend via text today.  At least according to him, since he wants to quote me on it.  Exact quote:

“It’s a seminal piece of literature and really fascinating from a psychological perspective.  But he’s also a fucking pedophile… And a bit descriptive with it.  Not too much but still.  Enough to warrant not listening in polite company…”


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