Behind The Blog Monday: Favorite Reading Spot Edition

What is Behind the Blog Monday? It’s a meme hosted by Holly of Bookish Musings, with the aim of getting to know bloggers better by answering some questions! You can find the list of topics here.

Explanation taken from Shannelle at The Tracery of Ink, by the way.  Definitely go visit her blog~!

I have a rather large problem with finding a good reading spot, actually.  Generally I either end up reading in my bed or in a decrepit hallway in the building where the psychology office is located at my university.  Both of which have their issues.  I either fall asleep or it’s way too loud to able to read… and I find it difficult to read with headphones on listening to music.  Actually, my apartment gets pretty loud too because the walls are kind of thin and I can hear EVERYTHING from the living room.  And we all stay up late here.


Borrowing this for the relevant feels I have EVERY NIGHT. D:

So I suppose my favorite reading spot would be a place that is, in general, pretty quiet save for the white noise of nature or the city, depending.  But I need to minimize on allergens from the trees and flowers, even though they are absolutely beautiful.  I would prefer not to have snot on my kindle or any physical books for that matter.  Man, this is really tough to decide on…

I think, if I could just sit on a train somewhere for hours, regardless of if people are talking or not, that would be my favorite possible place to read.  I can imagine just riding the Yamanote Line in Tokyo around and around the city, glancing up to see all the different kinds of people, while I enjoy a book until it’s time for the train to stop for the night.  It gets incredibly crowded, but… there is something really enjoyable about riding the subway and being able to relax if your stop isn’t for a long time.


Maybe when I get to study abroad this coming summer, I will do just that. ❤


2 thoughts on “Behind The Blog Monday: Favorite Reading Spot Edition

    • Yes! It’s wonderful. I got to visit back in December of 2011 and can’t wait to go back again~

      The Yamanote line is wonderful for that too since it’s just a giant circle around Tokyo and you can’t end up super far away like some lines would take you.

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