Behind the Blog Monday: Paperbacks or eBooks?

What is Behind the Blog Monday? It’s a meme hosted by Holly of Bookish Musings, with the aim of getting to know bloggers better by answering some questions! You can find the list of topics here.

If you caught me a few months ago, this question would have been incredibly straight forward.  I absolutely refused to get an e-Reader for the longest time.  Mainly because I had attempted reading on both my iPhone and the iPad I had at the time and loathed the experience.  The back-lighting…


I tend to have the same experience with being on my laptop for an extended period of time.  However, after realizing that living in a dorm/apartment/smaller space than my house as a kid means having much less space for your things, I began to get tempted into buying one.  After all, I don’t need a storage unit dedicated to books.  I hated the idea of running out of room and *gasp* having to sell some of your favorites to make room for more.  My poor paperbacks also seem to look very “well loved” after I’m through with reading them due to all the travel they go through.  Airports, backpacks, my gigantic purse of holding…

So, around the middle of this summer with cash in hand from working my part-time job as a legal assistant, I bought a Kindle Paperwhite.  Blasphemy, I know.  The fact that the front-lighting minimizes eyestrain was probably its biggest selling point for me.  I quite enjoy the reading experience on it, actually.  Though the ever looming Kindle Daily Deals are the bane of my bank account…

And thus the massive backlog of books became even greater than ever before!  With its ultra-super powers of one-click buying, my budget shall never be the same again!!  (Seriously, I need to turn off one-click buy.  Somehow.  It’s so convenient though… :< )

Now here comes my problem with eBooks.  I don’t get the same buyer’s satisfaction with them.  It’s not like receiving a package in the mail (CHRISTMAS :D) or going into a brick-and-mortar store and browsing the shelves.  I suppose I don’t get the same dopamine rush.  And browsing through eBooks on Amazon or Goodreads is definitely not the same experience.

So overall, eBooks save space, you receive them instantly, and avoid having to carry around giant brick books.  And Amazon Daily and Monthly Deals are a godsend.  But paperbacks have that wonderful book smell, you can buy them used, and many times they end up being less expensive than eBooks.  (Seriously?  SERIOUSLY??)  Oh, I forgot, you can actually lend them out without draconian practices.

Can I just have a compromise and get hardbacks with an eBook tie-in?  Hardbacks don’t take nearly the damage paperbacks do, and they look so pretty on my shelf… But so expensive. :<

And the winner is… I can’t really pick a winner.  They both serve great purposes on their own.  That’s why I will always buy books in both formats.

Blogger’s Note: Today Shannon experimented with gifs!  I don’t think I’ll use them often for reviews, but for memes and thought posts they should be fun to play around with. 😀




4 thoughts on “Behind the Blog Monday: Paperbacks or eBooks?

  1. I have no problem *reading* ebooks (that I get for free from giveaways or from the library) but I still don’t like *buying* them, for many of the reasons you point out. Specifically that I can’t lend them or donate them or do all the things I could do with a real book. If I’m spending my money, I want it to be on a physical item that’s mine. With ebooks I just don’t feel like they’re really mine.

    • Yeah, I don’t really feel like they are quite mine either (and technically with the Kindle in many cases, they aren’t due to that fun DRM we all complain about). I wish I could buy more physical books, but I just have such limited space in my apartment and I travel a ridiculous amount since I’m an out of state student. I generally look at prices and the length of books when buying. Brick-sized books I try to get in eBook format since they’re hard to carry around. :<

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    • Thank you for linking my post in your blog! It seems we share a similar issue. I am trying to cut down on the problem by only buying books after I’ve read a few of what I have. But I want to keep up with the Sci-Fi/Fantasy book club I’m in on goodreads — though I’m trying to suggest novels that are on my TBR list that I already own. Maybe I should make a spreadsheet of my own and donate some of the books I have that are just taking up space.

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