Why I Am Conflicted Desires

I have a problem.  A quite frustrating problem, really.  See, like many of us, I have multiple hobbies.  And they seem to intrude upon one another.  Time is quite a pesky thing, isn’t it?  Especially when you are a full time student.

My current dilemma is that I have multiple large backlogs gathering dust.  I want to know what my roommates are talking about when they discuss Attack on Titan, but that requires making time to watch up to the current point in the series.  My siblings keep complaining that I need to catch up on Doctor Who before the 50th Anniversary Special (confession: I’ve barely watched through any of Matt Smith at this point).  I left off somewhere at the end of the first season in Battlestar Galactica on Netflix this summer.  Multiply that by probably 20-30 television series I should watch at some point to understand all this fandom craziness.  Got to keep up with the young folks, you know.

This isn’t even including video games.  I’ve been an avid gamer since I was a toddler with Richard Scarry on my Sega Genesis.  My media stand is full of games I’ve either half finished, barely started, or haven’t even popped the disk in.  Poor Shin Megami Tensei IV has been left in the early Tokyo stages since late July.  I bought a copy of Dark Souls with a book order a couple weeks ago that hasn’t really been touched.  Hell, I haven’t even connected my PS3 to my television or played my 3DS since moving back to college about a month ago.  This isn’t even bringing to mind that Pokemon X and Y come out in October and I’ve already preordered a copy.  (Oh, and I’m attempting to get into Dungeons and Dragons.  To be more sociable, you know.)

I’m pretty certain you guys know how bad my book backlog is by now.  *shivers*

Someone needs to invent me a machine in which I can plow through hobbies and fandoms and know what is going on with all dem young peoples.

Seriously, though.  I’m at a loss.  I’m unsure how to manage my time to be able to get my classwork done effectively, read, play video games, and catch up on television series.  By the time I’m done with classes all I feel like doing is flopping onto my bed like a fish out of water.

Do any of you have ideas?  Should I just choose one hobby and go with that?  Or try to block time out for each thing?  Set certain days for certain hobbies?  Oh right, I have to socialize too.  Well damn.  It’s like that saying: sleep, socialize, study. Choose two.


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