The Unsettling, the Frightening, the Horror: Welcome to October

Now that we’ve begun the month of spooky delights, I am proud to announce the extent of my involvement in Horror October, hosted by Leanne at Literary Excursion!

Horror October @ Literary Excursion

I’ve never had an incredibly strong relationship with the horror genre, even though my Anne Rice obsession in high school could be loosely mentioned in this case.  Since the event can include the paranormal, such as vampires, werewolves, demons, elder gods, and such monstrosities, much of my schedule shall be focusing on such creatures.  Yes, many of these reviews DO involve vampires, but not the sparkling vegetarian pretty boys that have come to plague the genre as of late.  And I’ll be finally giving my first Stephen King novel a shot, in honor of Doctor Sleep‘s release!  I have been meaning to read his novels for a very long time, and unfortunately I’ve only read a short story of his, so this is going to change.

My Horrific Schedule:

October 11th: Short Story Friday review of “The Call of Cthulhu”
October 23rd: Review of Let the Right One In

October 30th: Discussion of Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth Rewatch and Thoughts)
October 31st: Review of The Strain

Funny enough, three out of four of the novels I’m reviewing have film counterparts – and I haven’t actually seen The Shining.  This should change, yes?

This schedule is subject to change, meaning I may add certain posts, postpone, or forget some altogether.  It really just depends on the time I have, since midterms and registration occur this month as well.  If there are any additions, they would include horror-based short stories and novellas (I own an entire compendium of The Weird to dig through~) and possibly the giveaway novel I received about a week ago that involves horror elements as well.  Any edits will be highlighted in this initial post, so check back if something doesn’t seem right!

October shall be quite busy and fun~  I am planning on finally seeing a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast as well (I’ve seen the film plenty of times, I promise!).  And I may need to rewatch Repo! The Genetic Opera.  So many ideas.  So little time.  Grrr.

Edit: Midterms and things have been quite grating on my time, as well as doctor visits, so my review list had to be chopped.  This is rather frustrating for me to do, but I can’t put myself under more stress than I’m already under, unfortunately.  There are things still being posted though, so don’t worry~


5 thoughts on “The Unsettling, the Frightening, the Horror: Welcome to October

  1. Oh you should totally watch The Shining if you get a chance! Growing up on horror, not much gets to me (especially in movies), but that one is chilling. Certain parts creep me out every time I watch it, no matter how many times I’ve seen it.

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