The Way of Kings Read Along: Week Two


Apologies for being late on the second week!  I finished Chapters 7-13 a couple days ago, but the semester started back up on Wednesday and I found out that my apartment’s internet has decided to go absolutely bonkers.  Haven’t been able to get anything up until today.  Gah.  Anyway!  Onward with the read along~  Spoilers for Chapters 7-13 reside below.

1. Shallan’s determination pays off, but Jasnah Kholin seems to change her mind a bit suddenly, and when Shallan isn’t expecting her to. She mentions knowing of Shallan’s family… Do you think perhaps she knows more than she admits? Or is she really just a bit more soft-hearted than she lets on?

I have a feeling that it’s a mix of both.  I doubt Jasnah realizes Shallan’s true plot, but she probably knows more details about the going-ons of the family than we think.  Perhaps not that Shallan’s father is dead, but maybe she knows about how he used his fabrial or other such secrets.  I believe though that she has to seem, on the surface, tougher to be able to stand the criticism she no doubt gets from being an atheist, which I can respect.  Otherwise she may have been torn down long ago by the opinions of others.

2. Yalb comes to the bargaining rescue as Shallan tries to buy books… Do you think there’s going to be a bigger part in events for him to play?

I really hope so!  Yalb is quite the interesting and resourceful character and I would really like to see his character explored in more detail.  I’m sure he has quite a history; with all those tricks up his sleeves I think there is more behind him than just a simple sailor.  I don’t think he will end up being antagonistic at least.  …I hope.

3. Part One ends with a ray of hope for Kaladin, as he rediscovers a sense of purpose… What did you think of the scene in the Honour Chasm, and then with Gaz afterward?

I think the whole scene in the Honor Chasm just made me love Syl more.  Without Syl, Kaladin would be a mangled mess at the bottom of the chasm and of no use to anyone.  There seems to be some hope that Bridge 4 can become less deadly and, most importantly, united to stand against the dangers they face.  And the whole thing with Gaz afterward… I still don’t trust the guy whatsoever, but boy did it feel nice to see him get back some of what he’s given.

4. We catch up with Szeth for an interlude, and things are very different for him… What do you make of his choice to enslave himself – if it is in fact a choice…?

His status as Truthless goes back well before the assassination, so I can only suppose if it was a choice he is punishing himself for actions he performed in the past.  Possibly much worse than killing the king.  I wonder the extent of the crimes he has committed?  With that sort of power, he certainly has the capability of creating mass chaos.

5. We also meet Dalinar Kholin, Jasnah’s father, and get something of a hint that he’s important where the Radiants are concerned… What do you think Dalinar’s ‘fits’ might mean?

There seems to be some sort of impending calamity that Dalinar’s visions are hinting at.  Perhaps uniting the kingdom will help either stave off this “Everstorm” or at least minimize the damage that happens.  Either way, it seems that no one really wants to listen to him.  No one ever listens to the person who can help it seems…  Then again, it is a bit hard to believe a person who is essentially having hallucinations.  I’m sure there will be a lot of regret later on.

Other fun stuff:

I worry about Elhokar’s behavior.  Such recklessness is going to get him killed if Dalinar or others aren’t around to save him.  And if he dies… things will become quite chaotic, to say the least.

AND I KNEW IT.  THEY BROKE THE DAMN ECONOMY WITH THOSE FABRIALS!  Obviously it’s quite frowned upon if they had to hide this fact, though…

I promise to get the third post up on time!  Thank you for reading, and see you next week~


6 thoughts on “The Way of Kings Read Along: Week Two

  1. I like both Syl and Kaladin but now you’ve pointed out how she saved his life I like her even more – because I think I’d be pretty naffed off if Kaladin died!
    Definitely agree about Elhokar – he’s very reckless and needs to learn restraint! I realise he want’s to prove himself but his actions are not always the most well thought out!
    Lynn 😀

  2. Elhokar’s behavior really is risky. And not just for him, but all his people. People follow his lead, so others are participating in the risky, and pointless. gemheart game. Plus, as you say, if he gets killed, it will really mess up the young nation known as Alethkar.

    Really good point about the fabrials messing up the economy. If you have one, and depending on your skills, you can make anything from food to marble to who knows what. And if you can do that, it will affect the local economy.

    • If it wasn’t for the hunt, a lot of his attendants wouldn’t have died. It’s definitely not as sanitized as we are originally led to believe.

      It also creates an even larger income disparity if the person with the fabrial is selfish with their skills, too. The implications of all of this just make me sad. :<

  3. 1. I am quite sure that Jasnah is a seriously tough cookie, but open to reason and persuasion at times.

    3. This felt like a huge turning point in Kal’s fortunes, and those of the Bridge 4 crew – perhaps a few more of them will survive for more than a few days now.

    4. I don’t think that he is really guilty of the assassination, because he was simply following the orders of his Master at the time, even though he regrets succeeding in the mission.

    5. At the moment it seems that Dalinar is being ignored as a crazy old loser: I can only hope that they start to listen to his advice soon . . .

    The young king seems to have a bit of a death wish to me, even though he is paranoid about assassination. I did want to slap him when he charged that chasm fiend though.

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