The Way of Kings Read Along: Week Three


…I broke my promise.  I know.  I’m so sorry.  I realized the massive amount of schoolwork I had this week was… a bit insane.  And had to finish it before finishing the reading.  I am more than caught up now, though, so here we go~  SPOILERS FOR CHAPTERS 14 TO 19 ARE BELOW, GUYS. 

1.  After the Chasmfiend attack there were a number of altercations.  Two of these that particularly drew my interest were: the little scene where Wit ridiculed Sadeas – which seems to be a dangerous thing to do given that this could result in a dual or assassination – any ideas about why Wit seems to enjoy provoking Sadeas so much and: during the discussion with the King, Dalinar and Adolin – it seemed that the King became fleetingly suspicious – and later in the story the same look of suspicion crossed his features again during conversation with Dalinar.  What do you think is going on in the King’s head in relation to Dalinar?

I’m pretty sure the whole exchange of dialogue between Wit and Sadeas is due to how absolutely easy and fun it is to make fun of the guy.  If I was in Wit’s position, I would mercilessly make fun of Sadeas too, knowing he is too concerned with his status to worry about an assassination attempt coming back to him.  As for Elhokar’s suspicions… someone is likely pushing such thoughts to him; I doubt it’s his own conclusion.  I don’t believe that someone is Sadeas after the response Dalinar received from the voice in his vision, but it could perhaps be one of the other highprinces or someone else of influence.  I will definitely be watching this situation closely.

2. We seemed to get a little more insight about why the bridgemen are not given shields of protection – what did you think of the reasoning behind this and what do you make of Sadeas – is he trustworthy or not?

Though I do not completely agree with Sadeas’s reasoning, I do understand that he wants to protect his soldiers from as much harm as possible.  Many people wouldn’t care about the deaths of murderers, deserters, and slaves, and obviously he is in that particular camp.  But as Dalinar would say, it’s both wasteful and very much against the Codes, even if they aren’t followed anymore.  Perhaps Alethkar would benefit from a return to them.  As for Sadeas being trustworthy… I’m still on the fence.  He hasn’t committed any acts that would make me feel as though he would betray the king.  It almost would be too obvious.

3.  Elhokar has suspicions about attempts on his life – is he paranoid or not and, if not, who do you suspect might be responsible?

There is definitely some sort of paranoia going on here.  There’s obviously some influence due to how Elhokar’s father was killed, but perhaps there are individuals spreading rumors to specifically reach him or something of the sort to make him more suspicious of the people around him (see question one).

4.  Kaladin is a very intriguing character, what did you make of the latest bridge scene where he put himself at the front of the bridge and then his actions following that?  Did you think it revealed anything more about him?

I think it managed to highlight even more the behavior he exhibited back when he was a squad leader, going to the point where he almost self-sacrificing to help other people.  Really, it both shows his bravery and how much he really cares.  Kaladin is growing quickly into my favorite character of the book, especially because I relate to the fallacies he has.  *hugs at Kaladin*

5.  During Elhokar and Dalinar’s later discussion the king said that Dalinar was becoming more like Gavilar near to his end ‘When he began to act … erratically”  It seems like Dalinar is becoming more like his brother.  Do you think this is significant??

I think it is significant in the sense that it might be foretelling a tragic end to Dalinar’s life if he isn’t careful.  Additionally, he is going to be seen as more and more mad by the people around him, which is quite unfortunate due to the fact that his visions, if the objective realized, will undoubtedly save many lives.  WHY DOES NO ONE EVER LISTEN WHEN THEY HAVE THE CHANCE, GODDAMNIT?!

6.  We finally witness one of Dalinar’s visions.  Do you think there is any significance about the visions always taking place during a storm and what were your feelings about this particular vision?

I loved seeing the basics of how the Knights Radiant operated.  Makes me really want to learn more about them — I’ll need to be patient, I suppose.  The visions make sense taking place during the highstorms, as the seems to be some sort of otherwordly atmosphere coming through during then.  The Essence were quite frightening creatures, and I’m wondering because the setting was during the Desolation Era if we’ll be seeing such monstrosities again soon.  Thus the need to unite against a common enemy….

No extras this time around, as I got behind and then got farther ahead and don’t want to put spoilers for anything farther ahead in here.  I’ll give you some this coming week though~  Thank you for being patient with me!


6 thoughts on “The Way of Kings Read Along: Week Three

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  2. Good point about not many caring too much about the fate of murderers, thieves, slaves, rapists, etc. I think once we learn more about how the other men became part of the bridgecrews, then I will have a better sense of how fair the legal system is. If Kaladin is surrounded by such people, I probably won’t feel too bad about most of them dying. If, however, many of them ended up in the bridgecrews through some whim of a high lord, then I think I might need some high princes to be called to answer for it.

    I got the impression that the Essence weren’t the most nasty of the beasties, and that has me worried. If the lords don’t unite in time to fight off even a small swarm of the Essence, then they will stand no chance against nastier things.

    • From the behavior of a number of the people I’ve seen in the bridge crew, it seems like a good amount of the time they’ve been played the wrong card by fate. :/

      Yeah, the Essence were quite frightening enough on their own, especially to the populace without shardblades to rely on. Dalinar didn’t even fair the best by himself. I worry about the sheer power the true baddies might have. O___O;;

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