The Way of Kings Read Along: Week Seven


I can’t believe there’s only 30% of this book left to read!  These last seven hundred pages have been amazing and I’m excited to see how this book will end in a couple weeks~  I’m so glad I decided to participate, haha.  Anyway, this week we’re discussing chapters 43 through 50, with Coffee, Cookies and Chili Peppers hosting!  MAJOR SPOILERS ARE IN THE CHASMS BELOW, BEWARE.

1. What did you think of the replacement for the delightful Lamaril, or rather, what did you make of his wife, who seems to do all his work? She assumes that chasm duty is the worst punishment that she can throw at the bridge crew, so were you surprised that Kaladin saw an opportunity in it so quickly?

Everyone’s got it out for Bridge Four, I swear.  I mean, I suppose they don’t want the other bridgemen to follow their example, as broken bridgemen seem to be what Sadeas prefers.  They’re arrow fodder, barely even human in these people’s eyes.  I’m glad Kaladin didn’t let despair overcome him again with the new assignment, and though this opportunity is essentially their last hope, he is dedicated to this (likely) futile plan.  I can only hope things go well in the end, but with his track record thus far, I’m afraid we’ll see disaster.  But, we have three hundred pages left and the rest of the series, so maybe they will prevail? :O

2. Please use this opportunity to list all the imaginative ways that you would like Roshone to suffer for forcing poor little Tien into the army. 😦

That man needs to fall into a chasm in the Shattered Plains (or pushed, perhaps?), somehow survive the fall, and then get dismembered one limb at a time by a chasmfiend.  And then subsequently eaten.  Or he could be soulcast into fire.  I could also go with him being dragged behind a chull for as many miles as it takes until he is barely alive, then leave him for whatever equivalent of buzzards Roshar has.  If the “buzzards” don’t get him, the highstorms will.  *laughs maniacally*

3. Finally, somebody is asking questions about the inconstancy of the Parshendi artifacts and how Gavilar changed in the months leading up to his death. What do you make of the accounts that Shallan is reading? Also, what do you think about Shen, the Parshman added to the bridge crew?

The Parshendi have to be getting their Shardblades and plates from SOMEWHERE.  Whether it’s from ruins they’ve stumbled upon or if some figure is gifting them, I don’t know.  But it seems to be the root of most of the problems.  As for our Parshman, he’s definitely got more to him than meets the eye.  As do the rest of the Parshmen, I would think.  I wonder when they came to be used as slaves by everyone else?  And if they have a hivemind type thing like the Parshendi?  If they do… I would be afraid of what happens if they all decide to rebel at once.

4. Shallan has some seriously bizarre visions or hallucinations. Do you have any new ideas about the nature of the symbol-headed figures: are they good or evil? What about the alternative world and the beads: could that really have been the soul or essence of the goblet that she spoke to before it changed into blood?

At first I thought they were malevolent beings… Now I’m not so sure.  They definitely have something to do with Shallan figuring out how to Soulcast, but the connection with the king and a supposed future demise also bothers me.  Or maybe I’m reading too much into things?  The alternate world with the beads made me think almost of the atoms binding the goblet together, or seeing the goblet at a more molecular level.  At least, this seems like an interesting way to think about it.

5. Does Kaladin’s dream / vision seem similar to those that Dalinar has been having? He is called the ‘Child of Tanavast, Child of Honor’ and there is mention of an entity called Odium, who appears to be rather bad. Do you have any speculation about these two beings, how they fit into the world that we have seen so far and why the name Odium makes Syl hiss and fly off?

It is definitely of a similar source, for sure, but they obviously have different roles to play and therefore receive different messages.  I don’t really know what they are, to be honest.  Odium sounds like the embodiment of evil from the information we have so far, but perhaps that is too broad of an assessment.  Whatever they are, they definitely have a connection to the impending calamity that Roshar will likely face in the near future.

6. We have learnt some more about the events following Cenn’s chapter way back at the beginning of the book. Were you surprised that Kaladin defeated a Shardbearer almost singlehandedly? This still does not explain why he is a slave, but does it bring us closer to guessing?

Kaladin is the best, I swear.  I’m not entirely surprised he managed to do it himself, but I WAS surprised that he relinquished his rightful prize to another.  I mean, from the past info I thought it was stolen directly from him… But now I can only assume it could have been taken from the man he gave it to.  We are definitely closer to the heart of the truth in this matter.  Amaram was NOT prepared for that at all.  Which begs the question… Why WAS there a Shardbearer in that battle in the first place?  *ponders*

7. I think I made it quite clear last week that I did not trust Kabsal, so I am now feeling rather smug. However, I did not guess at the poison in the bread: did it surprise you as well? Can you see any way that Shallan can reconcile with Jasnah now that the theft has been revealed?

Oh, Kabsal.  Oh, oh Kabsal… The poison was completely unexpected, especially with the antidote in the jam.  Though, Kabsal was acting rather suspicious and I had already thought he had ulterior motives, I just didn’t believe he would actually go to such lengths.  At this point, I don’t know if Shallan can reconcile at all with Jasnah, though I think Jasnah has a lot more up her sleeve than I think.  She had to have known before.  She had to…

So we’ve got a big spooky force that makes our lovely spren hiss, ehh?  Sounds like signs of big things going down. 😀  See you next week, guys~


9 thoughts on “The Way of Kings Read Along: Week Seven

  1. I too wonder where the Parshendi get their armor and weapons. Do they make them somehow? If they have Shardblades, then maybe they have Soul casters too? Can you make weapons with a Soul caster?

    I like your idea of seeing the goblet at the molecular level, and changing it at that level. Still, must have been messy to have such a big pool of blood. Do you think the Parshmen were assigned to clean it up?

    Maybe the Shardbearer decided to join the party late? If he didn’t RSVP the invitation to the battle, the Brightlords would not have expected him. You know, because protocol and fashion are so important to the Alethi.

    • I wouldn’t doubt that you could make weapons with a Soulcaster, but Shardblades likely can’t be made that way — they would have figured out that mechanism if that were the case, I would think?

      Hehe. You’re making battles sound like parties to the Alethi! Though, I wouldn’t be that surprised if some people thought of them that way… >_>;;

  2. I wasn’t really sure what to make of the bead scene, but that’s a really cool idea. I was also really surprised that Jasnah doesn’t seem to have expected anything. Maybe there’s more to it than it seems.

    • Being able to see at a molecular level would be really neat, so I kinda hope that’s the case, haha!

      I’m surprised about Jasnah too, but that’s likely correct that there’s more than meets the eye with her reaction. She had to have had some suspicion, if not knows outright and is keeping that info from Shallan for the time being. We’ll have to wait and see what happens!

  3. 1. Part of me was thinking that Kaladin’s plan was very ambitious and why would he think he could pull it off when so many of his attempts to save people in the past have not worked out! Obviously Kaladin has a certain amount of luck but more importantly some sort of magic that he seems unaware of which protects him. The thing is though, I suppose he’s already succeeded with the bridgemen already. If they were going into war they wouldn’t know if they would survive or not so really they have the same odds now – but at least they now have some passion and hope for themselves. I think that Kaladin just needs to be able to see what he’s already done for these men.
    2. Hee hee, fall into a chasm (or be pushed) and then survive! I like it.
    3. It’s sort of what I was thinking – firstly the war with the Parshendi seems like misdirection – throw a battle over ‘here’ and nobody will be looking over ‘there’ sort of thing – and maybe the Parshmen have the same telepathic abilities – they could be less subservient than everyone thinks and just waiting for an opportunity – or they could be in league with the Parshendi?? Or I could possible come up with a few more speculations…
    4. Brilliant answer about the goblet and the beads. I never would have thought of that. Perhaps that’s how the soulcasting works – in order to change something you have to break it down at molecular level. I really need to go back and read that scene again I think.
    6. Kaladin is the best.
    7. Kabsal – NOOOOOOO – I never saw that at all.
    Lynn 😀

  4. 1. Even if they don’t succeed, at least they now have something to live for and are not as depressed as all the other crews, which is a massive improvement. Life before Death and all that!

    3. These are very good questions, and I have to wonder why nobody ever thinks of them! I also worry that the Parshmen would be an amazing weapon if they all rebelled at once.

    4. Ah, yes, the King . . . maybe the figures are stalking him or something? There is definitely something not quite right about him: he is not what he tries to appear to be.

    5. I imagine that the Desolations are repeated battles between the forces of Good and Evil. It seems that we should probably call them Honor and Odium from now on, but the amount to the same thing.

    6. Good question! It makes me wonder if the Shardbearer was part of some planned invasion of Sadeas’ territory . . . which certainly fits with my idea that the whole War is a rouse to draw attention away from Alethkar.

    7. I think I was more surprised because I was right not to trust him: I expect to be wrong all the time! 😀

  5. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long comment
    but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyhow, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

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