Introducing yourself always seems to be awkward and difficult, but… I’m Shannon.

I’m a junior at a major university with a massive backlog of books.  I term myself a book hoarder… but don’t expect to find my apartment on some reality television show.  I’ve been collecting books for the possibility of being able to read them in the future, but with the advent of my first kindle, the amount of novels I want to read and have instant access to would probably fill the entirety of a dorm room if not digitized.  The revelation is, here, that I need to power through books that I already own.

What better way to do this with some accountability and the ability to recommend which ones are worth it?

Not that I want to be a book critic.  I don’t feel nearly well read enough and certainly need to power my way through a few hundred titles before I could even be considered worthy of such a title.  I’m no English major, though I suppose psychology can be helpful in analyzing characters.  And sadly (?) I have other hobbies that also take a massive quantity of my free time — video games can be real time suckers when they’re Japanese RPGs… and that’s sadly understating it.

But I want to expand my horizons, see point of views I may have never considered, and, overall — learn.

I will say that lately I’ve had a surge of interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy novels.  However, I am open to anything.  If you’d like to recommend or request me to read something, I will.

I’d like to share my experiences with you all, maybe enjoy some novels together.  And maybe even make some new friends. 😀

If you wish to contact me, send me an email at:


Finally, a couple of disclaimers.

I am now an Amazon Affiliate, meaning if you click the Amazon link in my reviews and end up purchasing the book, I will receive a small contribution to add more books to the hoard to review — which you are more than welcome to recommend to me!  This is supposed to be all interactive and fun, after all.  If enough interest is sparked, I may also host giveaways with this money.

I may also review books that I’ve received by the publisher.  For now they will likely be from Goodreads First Reads.  As time goes on, particularly as I review more things and become more comfortable with this whole process, they may also possibly be from sources such as Netgalley. These reviews will be honest and my true thoughts, and not swayed by the fact I received a free copy.  I will state if I have received the book in such a manner in my reviews.

I am also not paid for this, other than the affiliate program mentioned above. This is completely a hobby to distract me from the stress of college and life and such things.  SO LET’S HAVE FUN~


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