Sorry I Poofed + A Birthday Giveaway!

I’ve been gone for a while.  I realize that.  It’s been well over a month and I really should put up a hiatus post when I anticipate these things happening.  Basically school got really busy and I’ve had to focus on my studies more.  Taking seventeen hours if you want to do anything else with your life other than study is not the best idea, people.  The funny thing is I have a list of reviews and discussions and things to write that if I sat down and planned my time out properly, I might be able to schedule things.

I suppose that’s what spring break is for, right?  Haha.

Anyway.  I probably won’t be posting much until after finals in May, and the next couple weeks especially are pretty crazy on the school front.  So I’m basically on a semi-hiatus until the semester ends.  Regardless…

My 21st birthday was a week ago and I wanted to celebrate it with people in the blogosphere!  …I went to search for a gif of the Chrono Trigger characters dancing, but that failed miserably.  >__>;;  *awkward silence*

Back in February my boyfriend and I did the four hour drive to New Orleans for the Dark Days tour, and I accidentally ended up with a couple extra books that got signed that I have duplicates of.  “Accidentally”.  Basically, I’ve got a copy of Uninvited and Ignite Me that I would like to make two people very happy with.  This is my first time messing with Rafflecopter though, so bare with me for any technical difficulties.  Here’s a (somewhat crappy) photo to prove these things do exist!

photo (3)

These are the times in which I wish I owned an actual camera.

Good luck, guys!  The giveaway will be running until the end of April, since my disappearances aren’t good for stats… <_<

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Regarding the unexpected absence…

I wanted to apologize for basically disappearing from my blog for the last month.

I had a wonderful schedule for Sci-Fi Month and was so excited to be writing about a genre that I love.  But unfortunately, life got in the way.  I had complications after a minor procedure that I went through on Halloween.  I’ve been having terrible stomach problems for the last several months and I finally found out that I have gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining) as well as erosions.  They also found a polyp in my stomach, but thankfully it was benign.  All these issues are stress-related for reasons that I’ll only go into privately.

The main issue was that after the EGD I could not eat without getting incredibly sick, which ended up culminating in an ER visit in mid-November.  I got put on a new medication I have to take before eating anything and it’s been so incredibly helpful.  However, I ended up contracting a nasty cold after the fact, and it’s just been a month of sickness and medication.  I missed a lot of class due to appointments and such, so I had to catch up on school work as finals are next week.  And since my education has to come before my blog, I have been unable to do much up until now.

But soon finals shall come to an end, I’ll have about three weeks of free time, and that means lots of reading and time to catch up with blogging again!  I’ve been active on Twitter still and check everyone’s blogs, though I don’t really have a lot of time to comment.  I’m excited to be getting back to being active soon.  I’ve really missed blogging and writing but everything’s been put on the back burner because of illness.

I apologize profusely, but I hope you can understand. >__<;; I can’t wait to be posting regularly again!

Wait, my book did psychology ideas correctly? REALLY?

As I was reading through Let the Right One In today, there was a particular passage regarding eyewitnesses to a crime and their conversation with the police.  Quoted as follows:

“Yes, but I thought I’d wait until you got down here.  Apparently he’s not violent.” Holmberg turned kindly to the men and said, “We’ll be in touch.  The best thing you can do now is go home.  Oh, and one more thing.  I understand this may not be easy but try not to discuss this among yourselves.”

The man without pants on half-smiled, nodding in agreement.

“Someone could overhear us, you mean.”

“No, but you could start to imagine that you have seen something that you didn’t really see, only because someone else did.”

“Not me.  I saw what I saw and it was the most hellish…”

“Believe me.  It happens to the best of us.  And now you’ll have to excuse us.  Thank you for your help.”

Wait, did I see… Did I see the author write regarding the fallibility of eyewitness testimony?  The subject I’ve had to study over the course of the last few weeks for my Psych Law and Justice class?  AND DO IT CORRECTLY?  Yes, eyewitnesses speaking with one another after a crime occurs does taint testimony and people begin to believe that they saw things due to their conversations with others.  At least, that’s a really bare-bones version of what’s going on.  If you’re not aware, when it comes to juries and many laypersons, most do not realize that eyewitness testimony is not as strong as one would believe.  This is just one of the many reasons.  And it being pointed out by the author made me practically do a happy dance on my bed.

And turns me into Colbert, too, it seems.

Sorry for my Psychology major excitement, but it’s nice to see things done correctly in novels~

My Findings of the Day (Part 2!)

I did a bad thing.

Kind of.  Depends on who you talk to, really.  (Maybe you all will be sympathetic?)

I got my check from my boss, and got more money than expected.  Hooray!  So what did I do after buying my duvet cover and cherry blossom lamp for my apartment?

You guessed it correctly.  (Probably.)  I bought more books.  Half Price Books is simultaneously an evil and wonderful place.  My haul is more science fiction/fantasy than anything else, but it was more difficult finding copies in decent condition for the Time Top 100 books.  Which made me incredibly sad… Though I found some fun and older gems.  Books twice as old as me and old school science fiction covers.  All in all, a good day, I would say.

photo (2)

Note: 10 books in total, apologies if the titles are a bit hard to read.

Because of the glare and size of the photo (my camera is my cell phone, like the majority of people nowadays), I will list what I got here for easy viewing.

  • Falconer — John Cheever
  • Starship Troopers — Robert A. Heinlein
  • Assassin’s Apprentice — Robin Hobb
  • Contact — Carl Sagan
  • Elantris — Brandon Sanderson
  • Hyperion — Dan Simmons
  • Cryptonomicon — Neal Stephenson
  • Quicksilver — Neal Stephenson
  • All the King’s Men — Robert Penn Warren
  • Revolutionary Road — Richard Yates

I am sad.  A couple of the Time Top 100 novels have movie covers.  I could not help this though… But, Starship Troopers was worth the measly $2.00 it cost, even if I’m going to have to be incredibly careful with it.  I mean, look.  This cover is beautifully old school.  Minus the goddamn glare.

photo (1)

The final total, according to my receipt, was $37.95.  Not terrible at all.  The novels aren’t listed by name on said receipt, but two of them are classified under “nostalgia”, which I found highly amusing.  Now, the thing is ACTUALLY READING MY OWN BOOKS.  I’m just compounding the problem upon myself.  But they’ll look so nice on my bookshelf…

Blogger’s Log:  I am well into Part 2 of Lolita.  One of the main reasons it is incredibly slow going is due to a lack of headphones that fit in my ears and the fact I have siblings Lolita’s age crawling around the house.  So, I have to become a hermit to even listen to Jeremy Irons be a creepy pedophile.  Not good around the family… I will get new headphones this coming week though.  And HOPEFULLY have a finished review for you rather soon.  I apologize that this is taking a while.

To humor you, however, I apparently was somewhat witty in explaining the problem/my reasoning for reading this novel to a friend via text today.  At least according to him, since he wants to quote me on it.  Exact quote:

“It’s a seminal piece of literature and really fascinating from a psychological perspective.  But he’s also a fucking pedophile… And a bit descriptive with it.  Not too much but still.  Enough to warrant not listening in polite company…”

An Odd Aside About Psychiatric Facilities… (Lolita)

Adjusting to new medication sucks.  I’ll admit that I suffer from depression and anxiety disorders, and my psychiatrist put me on new medication about a week ago.  Cue lots of sleeping and a lack of reading because, you know, it’s kind of hard to do both simultaneously.  (Maybe I should put the book under the pillows and hope for the best?)

But to the point.  I woke up rather early this morning and continued my reading of Lolita.  And a particular passage earlier on in the story intrigued the psychology major in me.  I’ll quote it here, no spoilers or anything, I promise.

“I owe my complete restoration to a discovery I made while being treated at that particular very expensive sanatorium.  I discovered there was an endless source of robust enjoyment in trifling with psychiatrists: cunningly leading them on; never letting them see that you know all the tricks of the trade; inventing for them elaborate dreams, pure classics in style (which make them, the dream-extortionists, dream and wake up shrieking); teasing them with fake “primal scenes”; and never allowing them the slightest glimpse of one’s real sexual predicament.  By bribing a nurse I won access to some files and discovered, with glee, cards calling me “potentially homosexual” and “totally impotent.”  The sport was so excellent, its results — in my case — so ruddy that I stayed on for a whole month after I was quite well (sleeping admirably and eating like a schoolgirl).”

Well, other than my immediate thoughts that Humbert Humbert is one manipulative bastard, something else related came to mind.  If you’re familiar with some of the famous psychological experiments done over the past century or so, there’s this particularly interesting one involving asylums called the Rosenhan Experiment, also known as On Being Sane in Insane Places.  Basically, they were sending pseudo-patients that complained of auditory hallucinations to psychiatric facilities, seeing if the staff could actually distinguish the mentally ill from those faking it.  Which those psychiatrists ended up failing miserably at.  The study’s conclusion was, quoted, “it is clear that we cannot distinguish the sane from the insane in psychiatric hospitals”.  Fun fact: the other patients could distinguish the pseudo-patients better than the psychiatrists could.


I suppose this particular experiment was brought to mind by how easily the psychiatrists, from Humbert Humbert’s point of view, ended up with wrong diagnoses because of his carefully calculated behavior.  And mind you, Lolita was published in 1955, eighteen years before David Rosenhan’s study was published.

Just some food for thought for the early morning, and proof that I’m trying to get through reading this.  I promise.  ❤

A Quick Opinion on Audiobooks

So I’m getting through Lolita, albeit rather slowly as I prepare to move back to my university town in two weeks.  And I think I’ve gotten my opinion on what to do with audiobooks.

I’ll only use them if the author’s voice is pleasant, sexy, and fitting for the story.  People like the current narrator of my story, Jeremy Irons, as well as the wonderful Morgan Freeman… Hell, I need more Samuel L. Jackson reading books.  (Go The FUCK To Sleep, anyone?)  And if I’m following along with the actual text, it’s much easier for me to pay attention.  I get distracted way too easily.

At least Jeremy Irons fits the bill?  I would be hard pressed to find a person who does not love his voice.  It’s still incredibly creepy listening to him read the novel though, ESPECIALLY when he played Humbert Humbert in the most recent of the film versions.

What are your feelings on this type of medium?  Who is your favorite audiobook narrator?