Review Policy

All right, I figured it was about time I put this up since I am beginning to play around with Netgalley and the like.

  • I am not entirely that picky when it comes to genres I will review.  However, the likelihood of me saying yes will depend on my genre preferences.  My favorite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy, and I will read pretty much whatever you throw at me, though preferably not a lot of middle grade-leveled books.  I’ve been really wanting to read more Steampunk lately, so if you ask me about that, I’ll likely be ecstatic.  Literary fiction and general adult fiction is fine too, as is YA.  What I preferably don’t want to read is books focusing solely on romance and anything overtly religious to avoid any debates. Nonfiction I am quite picky on, especially during the fall and spring semester.
  • On that note, I am a full-time university student.  I only have so much time to pick up a novel and read, and I can get tired of reading quite quickly when it’s around exam time and I’m furiously flipping through textbook pages.  Please let me know if you have a specific deadline for a book.  I can keep you updated on what my schedule looks like, but I will try to post within a month of receiving the book.  There may be exceptions to this time frame, and if so, I will keep you updated.
  • Please do not send me a sequel to a series I haven’t started reading unless you plan on sending me the prior novels.  I don’t enjoy being utterly confused and lost, like how I played Kingdom Hearts 2 after the original and didn’t realize Chain of Memories was actually really important.
  •  I accept both eBooks (please make sure they’re in .mobi format or that I can convert them to work on my Kindle Paperwhite) and physical copies.
  • I will guarantee that my review will be completely honest and my own thoughts.  If I didn’t like your book, I will tell why, but not in an aggressive manner.  If I was not able to finish the novel, I will write a shorter DNF review explaining the reasons I couldn’t.
  • Reviews will be posted to both my blog and Goodreads.  If you wish for them to be posted anywhere else, please notify me.

If you are interested in contacting me about reviewing anything, please send me an email at the address below:

Thank you for reading through my policies and considering me and my blog.


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