Nrlymtrl from Dab of Darkness and Anya from On Starships & Dragonwings are cohosting a read along for The Way of Kings!  WITH GIVEAWAYS AND THINGS TOO.  (You get extra entries if you’re participating in the read along.)  This book has been sitting on my shelf for a while due to the “oh god it’s a brick and I don’t have time to read a brick” syndrome, so it’s about time I give it a whirl before the second book in The Stormlight Archive comes out.  The schedule is below, and I’ll link my posts as they go live:

Prelude to Chapter 6 (96 pages), Jan. 1 Dab of Darkness
Chapter 7 – Chapter 13 (91 pages), Jan. 8 Over the Effing Rainbow
Chapter 14 – Chapter 19 (106 pages), Jan. 15 Lynn’s Book Blog
Chapter 20 – Chapter 27 (96 pages), Jan. 22 Lunar Rainbows
Chapter 28 – Chapter 32 (93 pages), Jan. 29 Tethyan Books
Chapter 33 – Chapter 42 (102 pages), Feb. 5 There Were Books Involved
Chapter 43 – Chapter 50  (90 pages), Feb. 12 Coffee, Cookies and Chili Peppers
Chapter 51 – Chapter 57 (109 pages), Feb. 19 (
Chapter 58 – Chapter 65 (91 pages), Feb. 26 Musings on Fantasia
Chapter 66 – END (98 pages), March 5 On Starships & Dragonwings


Horror October @ Literary Excursion

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My Posts Here


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