Sorry I Poofed + A Birthday Giveaway!

I’ve been gone for a while.  I realize that.  It’s been well over a month and I really should put up a hiatus post when I anticipate these things happening.  Basically school got really busy and I’ve had to focus on my studies more.  Taking seventeen hours if you want to do anything else with your life other than study is not the best idea, people.  The funny thing is I have a list of reviews and discussions and things to write that if I sat down and planned my time out properly, I might be able to schedule things.

I suppose that’s what spring break is for, right?  Haha.

Anyway.  I probably won’t be posting much until after finals in May, and the next couple weeks especially are pretty crazy on the school front.  So I’m basically on a semi-hiatus until the semester ends.  Regardless…

My 21st birthday was a week ago and I wanted to celebrate it with people in the blogosphere!  …I went to search for a gif of the Chrono Trigger characters dancing, but that failed miserably.  >__>;;  *awkward silence*

Back in February my boyfriend and I did the four hour drive to New Orleans for the Dark Days tour, and I accidentally ended up with a couple extra books that got signed that I have duplicates of.  “Accidentally”.  Basically, I’ve got a copy of Uninvited and Ignite Me that I would like to make two people very happy with.  This is my first time messing with Rafflecopter though, so bare with me for any technical difficulties.  Here’s a (somewhat crappy) photo to prove these things do exist!

photo (3)

These are the times in which I wish I owned an actual camera.

Good luck, guys!  The giveaway will be running until the end of April, since my disappearances aren’t good for stats… <_<

a Rafflecopter giveaway


6 thoughts on “Sorry I Poofed + A Birthday Giveaway!

  1. WOOT! Great giveaway. And awesome that you “accidentally” ended up with extra copies. Can’t complain here. Sooo good luck with the rest of your term and I hope you get good grades! 🙂 Otherwise, a hiatus won’t be worth it, right?

  2. Your lack of posting has resulted in guilt that has resulted in a giveaway of signed books? >.> Any chance you have another rash of studying coming up? 😉

    And no worries on the disappearance. Horrible though it is, school comes first, and sometimes you just need a break to decompress. I know I’ve been thinking about taking a “blogging break” for a week each month to get some writing done.

    Also, if you are still in need of more smiles, watch “Batman: The Movie” (1966). Holy flashback! 😀

    • A week every month sounds like a good idea for the future. And if I had money more often I would give away more things 😀 But college student budgets aren’t always the best thing; birthday money funded the NOLA book signing trip, haha.

      I need some old school Batman in my life. :DDD

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